Above: Need one say more! 



            Above: A phrophetic illustration from a 1967 Italian magazine showing how we would be living in 2022: social distancing completed through an all encompassing transparent viser on wheels and The Lonely Crowd morphs into absolute human separation.



                                                 Above: To learn to unlearn is not a contradiction but a mending (of oneself)



                                                                               Above: The deadliest virus: Capital



                                                                           Above: Frontiers kill more than the coronavirus



                                                 Above: If they don't allow us to dream  we won't allow them to sleep



                                                          Above: The only system we want to be strong is the immune (system)



                                                                              Above: It wasn't depression it was capitalism



       Above:The social revolution needs commutarian urban vegetable gardens The autonomy of the people is capitalism's and the state's greatest fear                        



                                                       Above: The only church that sheds light is one that's burning



                                                                                       Above: Try to live Anarchy



                                                                                            Above: Need we say more??????