Critique of British-Nationalism, other States, and work all over the place

If we take the case of President Donald Trump it furnishes us with many elements of criticism. Trump promised full employment to his electorate during his campaign to be elected Chief Of State. The voters fell for it. Now they will find out the truth. Trump won't be able to provide new jobs in the USA. Those who voted for him will probably take to the streets in the coming months. Maybe even earlier! Watch this space for more critical details. The voters who believe in work will be disappointed. Hopefully they will consider a critique of work in 2017. In any case what choice have they got?

The same is taking place here in Britain, all sorts of British Nationalists have emerged from the woodwork -some will say they have always been there! But still there is definite surge of nationalist positions on the market. As usual those in power, the Conservative Party under the leadership of Theresa May are promising full employment. They did not say when this will take place! And as usual commodities can be purchased abroad cheaper. Capitalism is international. It knows no boundaries, although at the moment there is talk of all sorts of Customs barriers being reset up. Venezuela is run by the military; they do not go to the Caracas zoo for a meal! We cannot count on the present government in Britain or the opposition to say anything about the situation in Venezuela. Inflation has reached 475 % [City A.M., 24th of February 2017].

It is high time the workers of the world had an International to defend their critical positions. We propose setting up the 7th International with one of its main aims to be the abolition of work, wage-slavery and all States with all the paraphernalia that a State is made of, i.e. the police, the armies, the judiciary, etc...We cannot count on the present British Labour Party [the party of work] to help us, its leaders are more interested in helping Brexit to be set up. In many ways we could call the present British government the May-Farage government, May and Co have taken many of Nigel Farage's ideology which he has been spewing unto the British people since he set up Ukip.

All the British Nationalists push the idea that work is good for you. Even when it is well-known that toil is responsible for many illnesses. It is no good having illusions about work, wage-slavery. But the worst is that the movement of value is destroying work. As Moishe Postone says in Time, Labor and Social Domination: (...) « The result is that as capitalist industrial production continues to develop, proletarian labor becomes increasingly superfluous from the standpoint of the production of material wealth, hence ultimately anachronistic; yet it remains necessary as the source of value »..

Modern capitalism is destroying the planet day by day, hour by hour. It is rational to want the abolition of capitalism world-wide, before it is too late to do so.
We want a different society where needs come first. Many ills can be abolished almost straightaway or within weeks. As Hegel once pointed out knowledge is better than belief.

In the meantime it is a good idea to criticize the world of work with all its constraints, damages, misery. It is also important to criticize this ideology of work.
It is not by chance that Adolf Hitler and his ghastly National-socialists had for slogan: "Arbeit macht frei", i.e. "Work makes you free". We saw the results in the Nazi concentration camps. Stalin also had a ghastly phrase: "Man, the most precious capital" [See his Collected Works]. We saw the result in the Gulag Archipelago. And in today's Russia under the leadership of Putin it is still a nasty place. About 10 million people live well, the rest survive on potatoes.

All this brings us back here in Britain...

Hence it is rational to want to live in a different society where work, wage-slavery, value have been abolished.

It is rational to want to abolish capital on a world-wide basis before it is too late.


End of part 1.

Written by Charles Williams on the 23rd of February in London.