He made millions out of the blues

                                 Now he admits he always admired Mrs T.

                                             Good Ol' Sick Jagger

                                              A rebel with a cause

                                           Namely making millions

                                           No wonder he was made a Sir

                                             Of the commodity system

                                                    And the Crown!!

                             No wonder Brian Jones could not take it anymore

                                    The founder of the Stones was alienated

                                                         By it all

                                  He really could not get no satisfaction

                                   With the Sick Jagger PCC syndrome

                             As Charlie Watts says: the Stones are a machine

                                     An automaton with a life of its own

                                                  It can't be stopped

                                   It employs accountants with mortgages

                                            Stage crews with bills to pay

                         And Sick Jagger is hooked on his fame fix and the dough

                                         He sings the blues from memory

                                                    He does not live it

                                            That's some contradiction

                                             It is the Sick Jagger Blues.



       Written by a friend of Junius on the 18 of July 2015..