What we have here is a collection in the making of ebooks illustrated by way of book covers plus contents pages; a collection which will finally number between 25 and 30 books. Unfortunately technical glitches still remain that hopefully will soon be sorted. Obviously traditional dead tree format would have been preferred but from past experience publishers immediately shy away from such heinous theorising as is contained in these books. Any hoped for help from left wing or ultra left / anarchist outfits is now out of the question despite the RAP and Dialectical Butterflies webs having influenced many prominent journalists, commentators and writers who gladly purloin and always water down what has been said in the raw always refusing to acknowledge sources precisely because professional qualification or roles have assiduously been avoided by those who have put these webs together. That old adage remains as true as ever: an authentic everyday life is always the greatest crime; and on this score omerta, omerta, always omerta must remain. For instance Verso gladly publishes those we've influenced, thus fighting well shy of the real McCoy. A brick wrapped up in a manifesto and hurled through their Meard St, London's Soho window would no doubt forcibly remind them of these tender reflections.

 These ebooks will also be available for free on the RAP site as well as hopefully placed for free on anarchist inclined free ebook web sites. However we would like to also put them up on Amazon though this particular tactic will unfortunately imply some small price tag is attached. The ebooks are under the title of Editions: Tsunamis around King Mob which basically is just a catchy gimmick to attract attention perhaps one of those "necessary opportunisms" that Debord mentioned – and little more than that - as the majority of this content bears little direct relationship with King Mob.

 In the meantime some technical help would be well received as the process seems to be stuck somewhere between the transition from PDF to ebook proper via (perhaps) Adobe Pagemaker. So if there's anybody out there who is willing to offer some technical assistance please contact. We are even prepared to pay and should anybody wish to say hello please do so through the following email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.';document.getElementById('cloak0f790cc6f405dc7000db93c3f1e545a1').innerHTML += ''+addy_text0f790cc6f405dc7000db93c3f1e545a1+'<\/a>';


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